Most veterans do not realize that once they leave active service their life insurance premiums increase dramatically. These increases continue until the coverage become unaffordable for most veterans. We offer programs that can reduce these costs by as much as 70%.

Retirement Review

Many veterans have accumulated assets, pensions, and benefits from a variety of sources. It is not uncommon for veterans to be receiving a military pension, social security, pensions, as well as monies from 401k’s and individual retirement accounts. Sometimes these programs create overlaps in some areas while leaving holes in other areas. We will work with you to coordinate these programs to ensure you are making the most of your benefits

Surviving Spouse Income

Often after reviewing their situation, veterans find their household's income will decrease significantly if they pre-decease their spouse This income loss often leaves the spouse unable to maintain their current style of life. We have developed programs designed specifically to replace this income loss so that your spouse may continue their current lifestyle in the event of your death.

Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

Most veterans are not aware of the eldercare benefits available through veterans health care, through state veterans homes, through home renovation grants (HISA Grants), or from two disability income programs called Compensation and Pension. One particular program called Veterans Pension or more commonly known as the "Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit," can provide money to pay for home care for veterans. Aid and attendance can also be used to pay for assisted living for a veteran or the veteran's spouse and for nursing home care for a veteran or the veteran's spouse. We will review your situation to make sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are eligible for.

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