PERS, STRS and Ohio Police and Fire are just three of the Government Pensions that do not participate in Social Security and as a result are subject to Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination. This may affect your personal income in retirement as well as your survivor benefits.
When preparing for retirement from these pensions you will want to consider all your options: Should I take any, all or part of my PLOP? (Partial Lump sum Option Payment)
How does the Time Value of Money come into play?
Is the DROP program offered to police and fire personnel a good deal?
What are my options with deferred compensation?
What survivor benefit should I elect?
Should I self-fund the survivor benefit using a Pension Maximization Plan?
Our goal is to enable employees to make informed decisions about their future.

Comprehensive benefit review

A representative from Richfield Financial Group, Inc will personally meet with you and do comprehensive analysis of your benefits and personal assets to help you determine which options will best align with your retirement plans.

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