We are an organization that provides services designed for the needs of Federal and Postal Employees. We offer a complementary one on one meeting where we will analyze your benefits and work to coordinate them with your personal assets. We also conduct educational seminars to teach employees about their benefits and options as they move through their careers. Our goal is to enable employees to make informed decisions about their financial future. Today, many Federal employees rely on Richfield Financial Group, Inc. as a primary resource in achieving their financial goals.

Comprehensive benefit review

Richfield Financial Group, Inc will personally meet with you and review several aspects of these benefits package. We will provide you with a personalized benefit report that will cover your FERS or CSRS, Social Security, Government Pension Offset, Windfall Elimination, Military Time, FEGLI, Thrift Savings Plan and much more. We use a proprietary software program to analyze not only what you have today, but also to project benefits and costs throughout your employment as well as associated costs at retirement.

Pension Maximization

Don’t limit your pension options. Many employees will contribute over $100,000 throughout their retirement for a survivor benefit. In many cases they will never see a dime of this money back. We have developed strategies to self fund theses benefits and name multiple successors to assure that the money will go to the employees loved ones.


Most federal employees do not realize that the federal employees group life insurance is a 5 year banded term program. This means that every 5 years the employee will see an increase in their insurance premiums. As you get older these increases become more significant and continue until the coverage becomes unaffordable for most employees. We offer programs that can reduce these costs by as much as 70%.

Thrift Savings plan (TSP) Options

The thrift savings plan is a major component of retirement planning for federal employees. At retirement many employees find themselves very unhappy with the limited distribution options they are offered. We will work with you and design a plan for your specific needs.

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